Advanced Manufacturing Industry Transformation Plan Consultation Webinar - (Afternoon session, 12 July)

12 Jul 2022, 2:00pm–3:30pm NZST

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Government, unions and employers have been working on developing an Advanced Manufacturing Industry Transformation Plan (AMITP). A draft plan has been completed and signed off for public consultation by the Government. The consultation period ends mid-July.
The AMITP is important for working people in the sector because the plan contains some priority recommendations that will have a significant impact on manufacturing's future. Unions are keen to make sure changes in the sector will be beneficial for all people, and the future of manufacturing is highly sustainable and productive, providing high wage/high skill jobs, safe and healthy work, and secure employment.
This webinar is designed to give manufacturing workers the chance to hear in detail about the AMITP for transforming the manufacturing sector, to ask questions about the plan, and provide participants the chance to provide feedback and/or make comments about the plan.

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